Gregory Gibboney, (b. 1957, Santa Monica, CA) is a self-taught artist who has lived and worked in the North Lake Tahoe/Truckee area since 1983.

After painting and drawing for most of his life, Gregory began showing his work publicly in 1999 and now has a respectable list of private and corporate collectors throughout the United States.

Gregory’s paintings were exhibited by the SFMOMA Artists Gallery for over ten years. He has been featured at galleries in Northern California and Northern Nevada and was included in a group exhibit at the Nevada Museum of Art. He was also one of the first mixed-media artists to be accepted to the Sausalito Art Festival. Since 2006 he has been showing and selling his work online through SaatchiArt and Etsy.


Even before coming to the High Sierra, where the outdoor environment and it’s seasonal changes are so dramatic, I was drawn to the landscape as a subject for my drawings and paintings. Although the work shown here is from a few different series, involving different techniques and mediums, they are all connected by my intuitive style of working with materials and color.

Some of the landscape work, such as the Seasons Series, is influenced by my professional experience in design and architecture. Combining the constraints of a grid with the completely unrestrained wilderness creates a contrast of forms and composition that I find endlessly challenging and visually pleasing.

In another series, titled Displacement, prints and drawings were combined to create mixed media work featuring dead or dying trees “displaced” into a living landscape. Another juxtaposition, but this time in medium as well as subject matter.

For me, making art is much more about the journey than the destination and I have always made a point of truthfully exposing the process in my paintings. What may be perceived as unfinished is actually telling a story and/or creating a dialogue between the viewer and myself about how the piece was made.

In 2001 my wife Therese underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. Thankfully, an amazing team of surgeons were successful and she was able to make nearly a full recovery.

After her procedure, Therese had decided to keep and dry the flowers she was given while in the hospital and they were hanging all around our house. As caregiver, I was unable to get outdoors to draw or paint so the flowers grabbed my interest and eventually became my subject. I had not done much representational work before, but the process turned out to be a beneficial escape. Tedious detail, which I normally avoid like the plague, was actually enjoyable and therapeutic. With each new piece, my natural brush work returned stronger to compliment the realism. The results were both pleasing and cathartic.

Roses for Therese became the largest series and most personal group of paintings I have produced to date. Emotions from a difficult time in our lives are unsympathetically exposed in this work and I will always be grateful for the healing they provided.


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